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About Icosys

Expert Manufacturer & Supplier for Smart Home

At Icosys we are racing to the future using cutting edge innovation in technology in the field of Internet of Things (IOT), AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR) and Actuated Reality (AR) to make life and living convenient, safe and comfortable.

We are transforming the concept of “access” and “control” to People and Things by providing one touch control of their homes and offices. As we integrate our innovations into the platform, every user would see the endless possibilities of how Lives and Things get interconnected. While innovating our interconnectivity, we are driven by “Why not” instead of “Why”.

Your home represents the things you value most – the well being, comfort, and safety of your family. Our control and automation solutions make homes come alive. You can interact with and control your home in real time from anywhere, making it safer, convenient, and comfortable for your loved ones.

Our hassle-free, intelligent control solutions adapt and learn from your behavior, enable you to do more in less time, and help you to spend more time with your loved ones.

With our ICOSYS Smart Home solutions, you can control and interact with your home easily and quickly, all with a single touch.
In all our innovation, technology, products and services, we are relentlessly striving to give this power of “access” and “control” to who it belongs To, i.e. YOU – the user.

Welcome to the Future, Welcome to Icosys – your private interconnected world.


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