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2017 Points

ICOSYS was conceptualised, three people from different walks of lives - Real Estate Development, F&B Retail, and Investment came together to dream about creating a frictionless home, which is alive, and communicates with its resident. The existing solutions were expensive, wired, and out of reach of common man. We at ICOSYS wanted to change all of that. Soon the R&D started, we explored various technologies before settling on Zigbee, largely for its security, scalability, and maturity. Over the course of year, we mastered the technology, giving birth to the backbone of ICOSYS - its App and Cloud platform. The team grew to 5 members, and we worked tirelessly on a shoe string budget. Finally the APP and Cloud Server was completed by end of 2017.


2018 Points

We started the development of the heart of the product - the networking, communication, and power module of the devices. We travelled across the world to find the most suitable vendor. After extensive market research, we finalised our product offering, including Security, Lighting, and Control Sensors. At the same time we established the actual company. We ventured into supervised OEM manufacturing, getting our products shipped from 6 different factories. By end of the year, ICOSYS established its first Experience Center, opened it first office, and grew to 10 member team. We started selling our products, establishing two distributors and 10 dealers in 5 cities.

2019 Points

Still a young company, ICOSYS has grown to 24 people strong, and we have spread over 14 cities spanning 4 distributors, 25 dealers, 4 experience centers, and 29 mobile demo units. We have completed 200 installions, and. 2019 is the year of expansion, we want to get into 30 cities, and have more than 100 mobile demo units, and completed 4000 installations.


Why Us?


Our Vision is to enable to connect - people to things, things to things, people to people to make life smarter and safer.

  • We continuously seek to improve Customer/User Admiration through innovation and improvement in platform, products and process.
  • We will use the present and future technologies in Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Machine Learning.
  • These technologies will be used to create a platform which will enable people to connect to non-living things
Avara Team Member
Smart Security Our Security Solutions are designed to meet the untapped requirements of the society. ICOSYS provides one touch security solution for millennial lifestyle.
Avara Team Member
Smart Lighting ICOSYS provides ultimate lighting solutions with remote accessibility. Our lights are energy efficient and has been built to suit every human mood.
Avara Team Member
Smart Controller ICOSYS smart controllers are imitated to perform routine tasks like opening and closing the curtains daily, switching the lights on after dawn and turning on the geyser every morning.

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