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The Future of Home Automation

What is the future of our home? The future of our home is an automated home. The latest technological inventions like IoT and AI have automated our house as well and turned it from home sweet home to home smart home. Devices like Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo are being added as home essentials.

According to Verified Market Intelligence, The Global Home Automation System Market was valued at USD 42.73 Billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 97.62 Billion by 2025, escalating at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2018 to 2025.

Home automation is the technology to make the use of our home appliances more convenient and resourceful.  It controls all the electronic devices in our home automatically using wireless technology including air conditioning, lighting equipment, audio/video systems, kitchen appliances, security systems and many more that are commonly used in the home system. It consists of a user interface, either wall-mounted terminals or devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc to control the systems. The rapid change in home appliances technology has contributed to the growth of the home automation system market.

The biggest reasons for the growth of home automation are its optimal home monitoring system and energy-efficiency. However, a high investment cost is its major setback to touch the lives of many.

The future trends of home automation

1. The next-gen security & privacy
You no longer need a watchkeeper for your house. Inventions like the IP camera runs a 24/7 security scan in with an in-built Bluetooth speaker and microphone system that is operated through a Wi-Fi connection.
2. Integration of smart home devices
It acts as the single controller of all your home appliances including smart lightings, appliances, kitchen appliances, and electronics. Everything can be controlled remotely and single-handedly.
3. Environment Saviour
Saving energy is probably the biggest challenge to us and that’s the main advantage these smart home products. Their motto is to save energy. Lightings and electrical are getting automatically adjusted with the use.
Home Automation in India
The home automation market in India is expected to reach INR 30,000 crore by 2020, with the residential segment accounting for nearly 60% of the industry. Home automation in India today consists of four functional segments – Smart Lighting, Security, Audio/Video and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Lighting is the largest component of the residential market while security is the largest component of the Commercial market.
Integrated Smart Automation
Home Automation & Icosys

In this huge 30,000 crore industry, Icosys proudly stands as one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of home automation products in India. From its starting point just 2 years back in 2017, Icosys has expanded over 14 cities spanning 4 distributors, 25 dealers, 4 experience centers, and 29 mobile demo units. In this span of 2 years, it has completed over 200 installations marking a huge business growth and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Its state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price is the main success mantra to gain such a substantial market growth.

Icosys offers both wired and wireless home automation services. It provides nellaiseo an integrated security solution for every house including Smart Door Bell, Smart Door Lock, and IP Camera. Smart lightings are the most used home automation products in India and Icosys has affordable and energy-efficient LED lights and RGB Strip Driver so that every home can become a smart home. For a healthy and convenient lifestyle, Icosys has developed smart controllers like Smart Gateways, Smart Wall Switch, Remote Controllers, Curtain Motor and Smart Plus. Using these technologies all your household appliances can be controlled with a single touch. In order to save your home from the harmful adversity of outside pollution, Icosys has innovated Smart Sensors and Body Motion sensors because your house is the place where you can breathe easily.

Hence, in the near future, there will be mass adoption of smart home products with a cleaner, cost-efficient and secured technology where Icosys has a promising leadership to play.