Smart Home is the initiation to a Smart Life

Smart home has been the childhood dream of the technological world. The sole aim of technology is to make lives easy, comfortable and smart. Like a person’s character is raised and braised in his home, so is the “smartness.” Gone are the days when one needed to step with the rhythm of time. The super busy verse now demands a person be ahead of his time.

Again referring to the busy life, fastened security, improved comfort, add to the means of living life and saves energy. The idea of a smart home includes sufficing all these factors. After many implementations and many thought-of ideas, the emergence of the smart home has been made possible in the year 2018. A home with all the possible equipment and gadgets with smart handling methods and strong sensory are what makes up for a smart home.

A person can function smoothly when he is pampered by all the luxuries at home. It is true that depression has been a major threat in the technological world itself, but when skimmed through the benevolent purposes of the mending of a smart home, it can be noticed that it provides the claimed facilities with almost zero side effects.

The probable features of a smart home may be as follows:

1.      Smart security services:

Security is the primary necessary for every home out there to prevent malevolent looters from peeping in and damaging the hard-earned properties one owns. Smart security services include smart locks, CCTV surveillance camera fitted at almost every corner of the house for the maximization of security. An alarm of caution on detecting anything suspicious and a description of the security breach are what is expected.

2.      Smart electronics:

Smart television sets with an internet connection and sensory that would detect one’s daily conduct to switch channels accordingly or with a command, Google searching with Google assistance and the results displayed right on the screen are a smarter way towards life. Other than this, smart bulbs are capable of adjusting hues according to the scheduled timing, dimming and brightening up magically. Same with the other electronic devices like fan and air-conditioner are expected. The automatic switching on of the lights on entering a room and switching off on exiting saves unnecessary wastage of electricity.

3.      Smart kitchen appliances:

A kitchen equipped with various smart kitchen appliances like a coffee brewer, food processors, is called a Tech-kitchen. A smart home deserves food to be cooked more smartly. Gas leakage detection, fire detection are all an integral part of it.

4.      Smart smoke detector:

There can arise situations of emergency that would call for a devastating fire, yet not updated to the knowledge of the owner of the house. To avoid such an ominous incident, smoke detectors are a kind of significant discovery of the tech-world which would bring a person’s attention to the fire before the situation gets worse.

5.      Smart and scheduled entertainment system:

Music and entertainment remain the food of life, and it can be played on by the smart home integrated technologies, whether on request or command or according to the behavioral pattern of the owner. This may involve smart music equipment and the smart television set along with or without a remote control system.

6.      Smart and scheduled daily chores runner:

Automatic rolling down and rolling up of the curtains is indeed smart. One does not need to worry about the comfortable ambience of the house if such a basic thing takes care of itself rather than having to handle them manually. Similarly, a smart vacuum cleaner, in the service of maintaining hygiene is a smart invention too.

Life is already stressful. It is high time that we are smarter by deciding to turn our house into the best-catered smart home ever to live a life full of meaning and entertainment. Also referred to as “home-automation”, all a smart home connection needs is a steady internet connection. It is easier for the newly built home to build it smart from the very beginning. However, it is also possible to upgrade a house with the modern technology.


Smart Lock Comes With the Best in Class Security for Your Home

Smart lock is the invention of the technological world, an endeavour to make people smarter. Almost every person has already tasted smartness with his or her ownership of smartphones. The same smartness could be applied to secure a home that is dear to its owner. A smart home is built upon the security of a smart lock. It is the essence of true smartness. Perhaps hurling off the key is the key to smartness.

Android technology is used to lock and unlock doors instead of the age-old iron lock and key that may have proven its worth but has also proven its discredit several times in the past. The locking and unlocking operations of the smart locks are all connected to the smartphone, which caters to the confidentiality of an individual. Various technological intricacies are implemented to create a smart lock. A smart lock can provide the following services to its owner:

1.      Tight security:

The sole aim of a smart lock is to serve for tight security. Hackers and robbers are ready to loot precious belongings. Thus, the primary and basic service of a smart lock is to provide end-to-end security.

2.      Access to the lock using password and passcodes via smartphone:

The smartphones or other smart devices, which are compatible with the smart lock, communicate with each other through the entry of a chosen password or passcode on the device. Then only can the lock open. Entry of wrong passwords is recorded for security.

3.      Security token or card:

Smart locks come with another option of maintaining it through tokens or cards. They are the substitutes for keys and can be carried in the wallet. The scanning of the token or card against the lock attached to the door allows unlocking it. Other than this, keeping a record of the visitors is another feature of it.

4.      App connectivity and information transfer:

The smart locks that are manipulated via smartphones allow app connectivity through wifi to keep the owner updated about the tempering of it when he is not home. Another interesting fact is that the owner can choose a third party to let open the lock. This can be done through the generation of one-time password handed over to the person in question who would for a time open the smart lock.

5.      Locking and unlocking time recorder:

Every locking and unlocking activity is recorded in the app connected to the smart lock. This helps detect any possible breaches.

No doubt, not every discovery comes with both the pros and the cons. Even the old kind of lock had it. The smart locks may be even hacked of its credit by a professional hacker. However, it remains the hope for millions of users who prefer to function in smarter ways. The smarter the generation, smarter the inventions and belongings and smartest should be the ways to protect them all. Each one has a different preference and can go for any smart lock that may suit their needs.


LS-01 Smart Home Door Lock

·  Sliding cover design

After you slide the lock cover the fingerprint window light and key pad light turns on. You can then operate the lock by following a voice prompt.

·  LED LCD screen

Time and other information is displayed on the screen. Unlock records can be checked as well.

·  KDS touch technology

The HD diamond touch screen is wear-resistant and excellent in feeling

·  Password Anti-peep technology

Input any digits before or after the correct password to prevent spying

·  Emergency key

Open the door with emergency key if out of battery.

·  Emergency power

Mobile power bank can be used as backup power if the lock runs out of battery


Things to Know About What Home Automation Is and How It Works

Home automation systems control every single device in the house from lighting to locking the doors. This is a form of a network where every single appliance in the house is connected to and controlled by it. It gives a person the access to monitor anything in the house no matter where he is using a device that can be carried with him. One must set time or events for the devices to get activated. The events can be time-related like turning off the air conditioner at five O’clock every morning and turning it on every night at seven.

It can also be independent of time but related to something else like turning on all the lights in the house when the main door is unlocked. It can be used for many purposes and can be reset or designed to do anything as per the needs of the user. Opening the door automatically for a guest and closing as soon as they are inside is just one of its creative uses. It usually has binary states such as open or close and on or off. However, when combined with internet-enabled equipment or devices, its applications and possibilities are limitless.

  • While the owner is away

The best use of home automation is its ability to be controlled by a remote, and this is especially beneficial when the owner is away.  In case the owner feels like he has not turned off the air conditioner, he can check that from anywhere and turn it off with the controlling device in his hands. There are apps that monitor the wealth and systems that check on the visitors and prevent any intrusion. Video recording is also done and hence, can serve as evidence if required. Therefore, home automation ensures security. Staying away from the house will no longer be a worry if one has this facility in his house.

  • Notifications

Smoke detectors are very useful. They let people know when the house is on fire. But this is only useful when one is inside the house. With home automation’s notification system, one gets alerted about the house being on fire. Also, one can know when his family members arrive home through the cameras or door security alarms. It is almost equal to being in the house.

  • Sustainable use of energy

Home automation saves energy. The light system of the house can be designed in a way that it switches on or off based on intrusion detection such that as and when a person enters the lights automatically get turned on and when he leaves it gets turned off. Moreover, electrical appliances can be set to turn off automatically by setting alarms. It is a human tendency to forget to do so. If the alarms can turn the appliances off, there is a lot of energy that will be saved. In today’s scenario, energy conservation is a must to survive.


Use Smart Door Locks and Secure Home the Smart Way

Technology and automation are taking over all aspects of people’s lives, from making coffee to driving the car. Thus, it’s only reasonable to rely on technology to secure the place people store all those technological gadgets, their homes.

Smart door locks are designed and developed by companies as part of the Internet of Things revolution and aim to take away the stress from home security. They accomplish this with the following features.

App Integration

A Smart door lock depends on an app for almost all of their functionalities. The features of this app and the ease of access they provide to the user are numerous.  The first thing an app eliminates is the need for duplicate keys, solving the huge convenience of losing or misplacing one’s keys.

The smart door lock is connected to a secure home network and thus remains connected to the user’s mobile device. So regardless of the user’s locations, it can be accessed from anywhere. This means when users forget to lock their door in a hurry, they can simply open the app later and lock it. The smart lock also alerts the user if they leave without locking the door.

People will also have fewer moments of panic when their eyes open in the middle of the night, and they have to check whether they locked their door. All they need to do is turn over and check their phone. People with multiple entry doors on their house can install smart locks on all of them and lock them all with one click.

Guest Access

Conventional door locks offer little to no flexibility when it comes to allowing access to guests or visitors. Smart locks, however, are the best solution to this issue. Since they use digital keys instead of physical ones, users can send copies of their digital keys to their relatives, friends, or other people like babysitters they expect to arrive in their absence. The guests can use the digital key if they have the app on their smartphone.

A lot customization is also allowed for guest keys. They can be given access during certain periods of time or on certain days of the week. The user can even set an expiry date on the guest keys. People are using it for giving access to delivery persons to keep the valuable packages inside the house rather than on the porch. Smart locks also have smart cameras for an added layer of security.

Advanced Security

Conventional locks lack the advanced protection smart locks readily offer. Smart locks alert the users if it is being tampered with in any way like repeatedly putting in wrong passwords. Even if a guest tries to use an expired password, the user will know.

If sharing a password becomes a hassle, the user can simply remote unlock the door by being assured of safety because of the camera. Backups like an actual key or an emergency password are also present in case the user’s phone dies.

In conclusion, a smart door lock has immensely useful features like app integration, guess access, and advanced security that add so many layers of security and convenience to the users making them a very viable home security solution.