Smart Home Features

Innovation and Technology

Smart home innovation using Zigbee Technology for a platform architecture with strong anti-interference ability, high secrecy, high transmission speed and strong extensibility.

Simple operation and Convenience

Easy to use intuitive products and app suitable for users of all ages. Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

Humanization Design

Humanization design combines human behaviour with science and technology, to solve daily life problems and improve living standard.

Environmentally-friendly and energy-saving

A platform which enables user to save energy and avoid potential safety hazards. Energy saving technology makes your environment comfortable and healthy.

Smart Home Components

Smart Security Systems

Protect your loved ones, your home and property when you are away from home.

Smart Environment System

Monitor and control in real time the indoor temperature, humidity, PM2.5, etc. of your home. Ensure better air quality and temperature in your home.

Smart Household Appliance Control System

With just one touch, you can control all your home appliance from your smart phone, so make your life more convenient and smart.

Smart Lighting Control System

Turn on or off the lights or adjust color, brightness via your smart phone, with one touch control live an energy saving and eco-friendly life.

Smart Curtain System

Control the curtains of your home from the app quickly and easily.

Smart Scenes

Setup and change Scenes in your home. Control lighting, appliances, environment, entertainment, in your home with the click of a button for Party, Movie, Romantic, Game, Going Out, Sleep, etc.